What is I'm@app?

I'm@app is the new app that allows you to access exclusive commentary, images and videos on your phone when you visit some of the UK’s leading museums, galleries and theatres. 

Where can I use I'm@app?

I'm@app has an ever-growing list of partners who are all UK entertainment venues such as museums and galleries. You will see our list of venues when you open I'm@app outside of a venue or if you are in a venue you can navigate to it. To see a short introduction to the venue click on the venue name.

I get messages from I'm@app when I go into some venues. How does I'm@app know I am in the venue?

I'm@app uses geo-fences (a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area) at each venue to know when you enter a venue.

How does I'm@app work?

I'm@app uses a technology called Beacons. When you enter a venue I'm@app starts scanning for Beacons and when you are near to an exhibit with a Beacon, the I'm@app will notify you that exclusive content is available for you. This requires Bluetooth to be switched on.

How does I'm@app use my personal data?

Please see our Privacy Policy (which is part of the Terms of Service).

Can I save content that I like?

Some content is available to download in PDF format. If a PDF is available you will see the download icon at the bottom of the screen - simply click this to download. Your PDF will then be saved on your phone and you can access it any time you like, even if you don't have an internet connection.

Why can't I see content after I have left the venue?

I'm@app allows you access to exclusive copyrighted material that due to copyright law cannot be accessed outside of the specific venue. When you leave the venue, this content is removed from your phone.

How do I know which exhibits have exclusive content?

Exhibits that have exclusive content will show as 'not visited' when you first arrive at the venue. If you select the exhibit you will see a short summary and where the exhibit is located in the venue.

I am near to an exhibit, why does it still say not visited?

The content will become unlocked when you are roughly within 5 meters of the exhibit. It may take a few seconds for the phone to detect the Beacon signal. Obstacles between you and the exhibit will also impact the distance you need to be - if there are lots of people near the exhibit, you may need to get closer.

Will I need to register again to access I'm@app if I get a new phone?

No. Just install the I'm@app and enter your e-mail address.

I am a venue. How do I get my venue on to I'm@app?

Please email us at customers@purpleseven.com and we'll be in touch!

My question isn’t answered, who can I contact for further information?

Any queries or comments about I'm@app should be emailed to customers@purpleseven.com.

What are the minimum phone requirements to use I'm@app?

I'm@app uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. For Android, your phone should be at least at Android version 4.3 or above. On iOS, your phone should be running iOS7.1 or above.

What services do I need running  to use I'm@app?

I'm@app uses your location so that it knows when you are in a venue so GPS should be turned on.  When you are in a venue you will need data network connectivity so we recommend you connect to the venue's Wi-Fi where available. To notify you when exclusive content is available you need to have Bluetooth turned on.

When I enter a venue I don’t receive a notification or additional content.  Is I'm@app working?

If you have bluetooth and push messaging switched on and you have network connectivity, it may be that as some venues are dynamic with pop up exhibits or exhibits that change frequently that the content is in the process of being updated.  Visit again soon to see the exclusive content.