Arts, museums and culture at your fingertips

I'm@app - Arts, Museums and Culture at your fingertips

Whether you're a seasoned visitor or first-timer to arts and culture, this unique app for iOS and Android enhances your experience of the arts by giving you the story behind what you're seeing.

Other apps will drop you off at the door. I'm@app comes alive as you cross the threshold, enhancing your journey through the world of art and culture.

Get the insights on paintings, sculptures, installations and shows as you explore your venue - thanks to beacon technology. I'm@app's beacons unlock new media every step of the way: with words, video and audio stories to explore, digital doors are opened at every turn.

Use our "favourite" function to plan your journey before you embark on your trip or collect the things you like as you wander through some of the great venues using I'm@app.

I'm@app will allow you to navigate your away around the city and explore the venues, connect and keep you up to date with your favourite spaces and give them true feedback on what your experience was like.

I'm@app – An immersive experience in Arts, Museums and Culture

If you are a venue or organisation that would like to join the I’m@app community – please get in touch to find out more

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